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Countdown Box mini & large


Use our countdown box for weddings, birthdays or other occasions. The inlay is made of molded paper pulp and is 100 % recyclable.


Countdown Box mini:

107 x 35 x 117 mm (length x height x width)

123 x 27 x 112 mm (length x height x width)

Countdown Calendar large:

167 x 35 x 230 mm (length x height x width)

239 x 27 x 165 mm (length x height x width)


Digital printing or offset printing


- Ritter Sport chocolate cubes

- Tiny Tony's Chocolonely

- Lindor balls

- Seed balls

- Own fillings possible, e.g. dog or cat treats


A design provided by us + your logo or

a design provided by you

Order quantity

Individually printed from 100 pieces


Shipping boxes available on request

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