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Easter Countdown Calendar mini & large


Shorten the waiting time until Easter Sunday with our

Easter countdown calendars. Great surprises are hidden behind every little door. The inlay is made of molded paper pulp and is 100 % recyclable.


Easter Countdown Mini:

107 x 35 x 117 mm (length x height x width)

123 x 27 x 112 mm (length x height x width)

Easter Countdown Large:

167 x 35 x 230 mm (length x height x width)

230 x 27 x 165 mm (length x height x width)


Digital printing or offset printing


- Ritter Sport chocolate cubes

- Tiny Tony's Chocolonely

- Tony's chocolate eggs

- Lindor balls

- Seed balls

- Own fillings possible, e.g. dog or cat treats


A design provided by us + your logo or

a design provided by you

Order quantity

Individually printed from 100 pieces


Shipping boxes available on request

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