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We make sure to use resource-saving manufacturing materials.
In case of further-reaching plastic bans, we at Beutler Gifts offer attractive and

above all sustainable alternatives for your individual requirements.


Full carton

All our advertising media have a high proportion of full carton.

After use and proper disposal in the waste paper, the cardboard is recycled and an nearly closed material cycle is created.

Paper pulp

Our molded fiber products are made from 100 % waste paper or cardboard.

Therefore they are biodegradable and compostable. Paper pulp products are among the most environmentally friendly products in the recycling loop and have significantly lower CO2 emissions than plastic products.


Paper injection molding

Products made from paper injection molding resemble conventional plastic products due to their feel and appearance.

They consist of 68% renewable raw materials (e.g. cellulose) and 32% degradable raw materials (e.g. chalk).

Made in EU

It is important to us that as little emission as possible is produced during production as well as delivery. Therefore we pay attention to keep up with short delivery routes and produce our advertising media in completeley in the EU!

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